ContestPrep.com Testimonials

ContestPrep.com has offered online physique consulting and contest prep services since 2006 and helped thousands of clients reach their fitness goals. We are conditioning specialists who continue to create ContestPrep.com Champions & ContestPrep.com Models, and every fitness level is welcomed!

ContestPrep.com takes great pride in the success of our clients! Thousands of people have enjoyed amazing results with ContestPrep.com! These featured individuals earned their physiques through hard work, self-discipline and proper guidance. If they can do it, so can you! We invite you to be inspired by some of our incredible ContestPrep.com Transformations and thank these brave individuals for allowing us to celebrate their success and share their stories with you.

These before/after client photos prove that only you stand in your way – believe in yourself, invest in your health and become one of our Success Stories by choosing the right ContestPrep.com Training Package to meet your individual goals & needs.

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During Chris’ initial 3 months with ContestPrep.com, he lost 25.5 lbs and 5 inches off his waistline! The 12% body fat Chris lost has turned this ‘average joe’ into a gym hottie! He further challenged himself by competing as a male fitness model!

“Thanks, guys! I’m thrilled that my hard work is paying off!” - Chris


Alexa’s incredible transformation shows that it’s never too late to get the body of your dreams! With hard work, this up-and-coming fitness model dropped her bodyfat by more than half! She learned how to incorporate weight training and cardio into her routine, along with clean eating by working with Craig and Jewels at ContestPrep.com, and continues to train to compete in 2012!

Alexa emailed ContestPrep.com after her recent WIN!

"Thank you Jewels & Craig for helping me through this journey.... EVERYONE sign up with them :)"

Another dream of Alexa's was fulfilled through the ContestPrep.com team - her first published image! Alexa was chosen as a ContestPrep.com featured client transformation in Inside Fitness Magazine!

Believe in yourself - Alexa never stopped!


This ContestPrep.com beauty began as an online client, and moved into Winnipeg while continuing her consulting. Stacy lost well over 50 pounds to reach her competitive goals - capturing first place at her first figure competition and getting hooked on the healthy lifestyle!

“ContestPrep was such an awesome experience for me. - Definately inspiring! I now know that I really do want to compete with your help next year and am driven more so now then ever. ”
- ContestPrep.com Online Training Client, Stacy Goldsworthy


Nearly 30 pounds into her physique transformation, Ashlee is dedicated and determined to live the rest of her life in her dream body! This talented & positive young woman has become so passionate about her healthy new lifestyle that she and her fiance took in the 2012 Olympia Expo and stopped by the Fusion Bodybuilding booth for a photo opp with Craig & Julie Bonnett, her trainers!

“I really want you to know that your friendship is EXTREMELY important to me... You have changed my life.I mean that. Because of you I believe in myself and my ability to change. I have learnt that I have strength that I was unaware of. And if I want something bad enough, I can get it.

You are an angel, and I can't thank you enough for all that you have done for me.”

- Email to Julie Bonnett from Ashlee Panetta


Kevin is an online ContestPrep.com client who worked with Pro Bodybuilder Craig Bonnett to rip up his physique for his 2012 competition!


Cora became an online member of ContestPrep.com
to prepare for her competition and the annual ContestPrep.com Shootout event in Winnipeg - and she lost over 20 pounds of bodyfat in the process! Cora proudly presented her new body and shared her enthusiasm with Jewels about her experience:

“Thank you for letting me take part in the ContestPrep.com Shootout Event! It was seriously the best experience of my life. I LOVED every minute of it!!!!! You guys are a joy to be around and I'm so glad to have met you!”
- ContestPrep.com online client, Cora


Beautiful bride Krista sought advice from ContestPrep.com to get into the best shape of her life for her wedding - and was thrilled with the results! She and her new husband are so dedicated to their healthy lifestyle that they even hit the gym to workout on their honeymoon! 'Couples who train together, stay together!'

“Good luck to you both on your competitions and keep rockin' it; we are both so proud you are our trainers and are such an inspiration to us! I wanted to also thank you for helping me get to where I did for the wedding - I can honestly say that I don't think I've ever felt so beautiful and that's saying a lot because in the past I never liked ANY pictures I was in. Many of the wedding pictures captured the new definition in my traps, shoulders, and biceps and I LOVE it!!”
- Krista


Beautiful & talented Ashley found the motivation she needed and a program that worked to help her slim down and confidently rock a ContestPrep.com Photoshoot!

“I just want to thank you guys for everything you have done for me. I have become a much stronger individual sinse I have started with you!” - Ashley