Tannis Miller

WBFF Bikini Pro

2008 FAME Pro Bikini Model,
WBFF Bikini Model Competitor

Location: Winnipeg


Birthdate: November 5, 1985

“Life's too short to blend in.”
- Paris Hilton<

With the help & guidance of Tannis Miller has quickly climbed the ranks in the fitness industry to become one of the most recognizable bikini models in Canada - all in one year! She has been pictured in Oxygen Fitness Magazine, Status Fitness Magazine and Inside Fitness Magazine, along with numerous other media features!

Tannis shared, "Exercise has always been something I was interested in, but it was only when I began training the highly successful personal training and physique consulting company, that I really began to take my diet and workouts to the next level. With a newfound passion that a life filled fitness was a life worth living, I found myself taking more interest in activities such as training and my overall health. I began researching various training programs and gathering pieces of information from every aspect I could think of to help better my results, and I surprised myself with how determined I became! With the help of my trainers who quickly became a huge part of my life and helped me achieve even higher, unexpected goals, I ended up winning my first fitness modeling competition which really enhanced my true passion for this lifestyle and industry".

"It was not until I completely revamped my lifestyle and made these serious changes that I finally began to see these real results in my physique and fitness level. I truly believe that anyone can reach their goals as long as they want and crave it bad enough! After all, I believe nothing is more addictive than a good workout paired with a goal that you are determined to reach! As a newly aspiring fitness model, I have already fallen in love with the strict and structured lifestyle that goes along with such rewards and nothing so far has been quite as fulfilling to me! I feel as though competing is much more than a short-term goal, and a lifestyle that can shape you into a more driven and goal oriented individual, and a lifestyle that I personally intend to keep forever. I am thrilled to see where I can go in this industry including upcoming shows with WBFF, as my previous music and dance background has helped me develop and realize my love for the stage and my level of dedication to the industry!"

Recent Contest History

  • 10th, WBFF World Championships - Diva Bikini Model Mississauga, Ont., Sept 2009
  • 3rd, WBFF BC Championships - Diva Bikini Model, Vancouver, BC April 2009
  • 5th, MABBA - Novice Figure Medium, Winnipeg, MB April 2009
  • 1st, Bikini Model, FAME Nationals, Calgary Alberta *Awarded Pro Status!

Fav Supplements: BSN Dessert Protein - Banana Nut

Special Thanks: I could not even begin to write a comment about my achievements without firstly acknowledging my amazing trainers, Jewels and Craig of All I had to do was listen to every word of advice they gave me. As soon as I applied that to my everyday training, I was exactly where I wanted to be at in terms of mental and physical contest readiness. They went above and beyond their job description and truly went out of their way to help me reach my goals, and because of this I can't thank them enough! I also thank my boyfriend Riley for helping me realize my passion for training and introducing me to some great workouts and nutrition guidelines that launched me into all of this! Thanks to family and friends who were behind me from the start when I had to sacrifice so much for this type of lifestyle and experienced some difficult transitions - you know who you are! :)

Videos: Five Athletes (WBFF Models) were honoured to be named in the Fit & Hot Top 100 by Inside Fitness Magazine! Check out behind the scene footage at the Toronto IFM shoot with Liana Saadi Photography GO WBFF!

Congrats to client Tannis Miller on rocking her first competition in Calgary, Alberta! She took 1st place in the Bikini Model category and is Manitoba's newest FAME Pro! Watch this video of her Experience!
(September 2008)










“If I hadn't started training with, I don't know how I could have gotten to where I am today! ”
With Julie & Craig's expert guidance, I got in the best shape of my life and was prepared and confident enough to *win* my first fitness modeling contest, achieving Pro Bikini Model status and placing well in every contest I've entered! Their fantastic networking abilities & industry connections with the top photographers and fitness icons have landed me incredible opportunities, including sponsorship, photoshoots for leading national fitness magazines and advertisements. My life has completely changed! All in ONE YEAR! Thanks guys!"
- Tannis Miller, WNSO Bikini Pro and WBFF bikini model | Premier Physique Consulting & Personal Training