Patrick Gregoire

2010 Jr Mr Canada

2010 Jr Mr Manitoba

2010 MABBA Novice Junior and Welterweight Bodybuilding Champion

Location: St-Jean Baptiste, Manitoba, Canada


Birthdate: March 30

“It's a lifestyle, train like there is no finish line.”

Patrick has always had in interest in going to the gym and lifting weights but never seriously considered competing until going to see the 2009 MABBA Novice competition in Winnipeg. It was then and there that Patrick realized his interest and became eager and determined to reach the stage in 2010. He immediately increased the intensity in his training regime, and told himself, "If I'm going to do this competition, might as well do it right!", so he decided to enlist the help of Pro Bodybuilder Craig Bonnett of! (Patrick: "I'm sure glad I did because I couldn't of done it on my own!")

Recent Contest History

  • August 2010, CBBF Junior Bodybuilding Champion
  • May 2010, MABBA Provincial Junior and Welterweight Bodybuilding Champion
  • March 2010, MABBA Novice Junior and Welterweight Bodybuilding Champion

Fav Supplements: Fusion Bodybuilding

Special Thanks: I have to give a big thanks to Craig & Julie of for taking my training to a whole new level. They have taught me so much about the sport of bodybuilding, from how to properly diet, how to pose and the list goes on! I also have to thank all of my training partners for their encouragement - pushing me through every workout - and of course all of my friends and family for supporting me throughout the year.

“Craig saw Patrick's potential from the start and we are thrilled that this young athlete has the dedication and focus required to be successful in bodybuilding.”
- Julie Bonnett, WBFF Pro Fitness Model | Premier Physique Consulting & Personal Training