Kelsey Holness

WBFF Pro Fitness Model

Location: Winnipeg


Birthdate: August 17

If you reach for the moon, you'll land amongst the stars.

Being active and healthy has been a part of my life since I was young. I have always been active from an early age; I played a lot of soccer, volleyball, basketball and was a cheerleader throughout high school. In 2008 I started training on my own in the gym. I have been through several trainers that just didn't quite get me. Until then I started to have an interest in the competitive industry of bodybuilding.I

was inspired by how much strength, courage and persistence it took to get a physique like that. Not only does it challenge you physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. I decided to take it up a notch by signing up with; it was merely just a dream to be on stage. Without the genuine encouragement and guidance from Julie and Craig I would have never stepped on stage. Thanks to their expertise in contest preparation I won my first show coming in 1st place out of 19 girls.

Recent Contest History

  • 2012 WBFF Edmonton Championship, 1st Place Fitness Model
  • 2012 MABBA Bikini Competitor, 1st Place

Fav Supplements: Magnum

Special Thanks: I believe this has made me an even stronger person inside and out. I am blessed to have the support of my loving family, friends and boyfriend for letting me chase my dreams; he's been my rock and best friend through all of this and we both enjoy this lifestyle and encourage each other. It’s safe to say I have found my passion along with being a business student at the u of m. Julie has said that off-season is where the winners win; this is a lifestyle that I'm not going to change. I won't stop; "if you reach for the moon, your still amongst those stars". | Premier Physique Consulting & Personal Training