Julie Bonnett

WBFF Pro Fitness Model
Ms. Fitness Manitoba 2008
Oxygen Fitness Model

Location: Winnipeg

Birthdate: June 13

“Always act like you're wearing
an invisible crown.”

Julie's interest in good health exploded into a passion for fitness after being inspired by the athletic competitors featured in Oxygen magazine's contest coverage. Julie set high goals for herself and began sculpting her physique in preparation for her first fitness competition - a successful venture! Julie placed first in her class, and gained confidence & pride through the accomplishment. Through hard work and determination she has realized other dreams, including the honour of being featured in the publication that first sparked her interest in the fitness industry - Oxygen Fitness Magazine! Julie Bonnett has also graced the pages of Status Fitness Magazine, MuscleMag, Fit & Firm, was featured by Inside Fitness Magazine in the IFM Hot & Fit 100 list as one of Canada's top fitness models - and much more!

The choice to make health a priority greatly improved Julie's life in every way. Because of this, she decided to become educated as a personal trainer to help others discover the positive effects that come with incorporating physical activity into their lives.

Her previous experience working as a personal trainer at the largest fitness facility in Winnipeg enabled her to work with clients of all ages and fitness levels. In 2006, she teamed up with now-husband Craig Bonnett (WBFF Pro Bodybuilder) to specialize on working with competitive athletes (Bodybuilding, Fitness and Figure) and higher end Physique Consulting.

Recent Contest History

  • 6th, WBFF Pro Fitness Model ,
    World Bodybuilding & Fitness Federation World Championships
    (August '12)
  • 3rd, WBFF Pro Fitness Model,
    World Bodybuilding & Fitness Federation World Championships
    (Sept '11)
  • 2nd, WBFF Pro Fitness Model World Champion Runner-up,
    World Bodybuilding & Fitness Federation World Championships
    (August '10)
  • 6th, WBFF Pro Fitness Model Debut
    World Bodybuilding & Fitness Federation World Championships
    (Sept '09)
  • 1st, Fitness Short Class & awarded Overall Championship Title of
    Ms. Fitness Manitoba 2008
    MABBA Provincial Championships (May '08)
  • 8th, Fitness Short Class
    CBBF Canadian Fitness & Figure Championships (June '07)
  • 2nd, Fitness Short Class
    MABBA Provincials (June '07)
  • 2nd, Fitness Short Class
    MABBA Provincials (June '06)
  • 1st, Fitness Short Class
    MABBA Novice (March '06)

Fav Supplements: Fusion Bodybuilding

Special Thanks: Motivation must come from within, but surrounding oneself with supportive, positive individuals further uplifts the spirit - I am forever thankful for those in my life who inspire me to reach for my dreams!

“"Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength."
- Arnold Schwarzenegger | Premier Physique Consulting & Personal Training