Jon Chong

1st Place Bantamweight Men Champion

Location: Winnipeg


Birthdate: January 20

“Just remember, you get out exactly what you put in. There is no band-aid for a lack of effort or will power. The results will show.”
- Craig Bonnett, WBFF Pro

Jon Chong was chosen as's sponsored junior athlete for 2009, as he showed a passion for the sport of bodybuilding and true dedication to his training. We expect to see his competitor continue to excell!

Recent Contest History

  • 2012 MABBA Provincials
    1st place Lightweights
  • 2010 MABBA Provincials
    2nd place Bantamweights
    2nd place Juniors
  • 2009 MABBA Novice:
    1st place Bantamweights
    2nd Place, Junior Men Bodybuilding, 2009 MABBA Novice

Fav Supplements: BioX - Power Whey Protein and Gaspari - Myofusion Advanced Muscle Building Protein, BSN - NO Xplode and Gaspari - Superpump250

Special Thanks: I would just like to say how meaningful it is for me to be mentioned on this site and to be recognized for the sport and lifestyle I have come to enjoy. Growing up, I was not in shape or very athletic. A fact that became all the more apparent with continued ridicule from peers, school mates, even family members throughout my young adolescent life. Then one day I decided to do something about it, I went to Walmart, bought my first pair of dumbbells and started working out at home. Along comes highschool, I get introduced to the weight room, and something clicks: the rush of working out, the feeling of accomplishment after completing a successful training regiment - I had found my passion in life. After highscool, I had reached the limit of what I found I could do for myself. I needed guidence, mentoring, and tutoring: I needed a trainer. I was referred to Craig & Julie of and, after meeting those two amazing people, I watched my progress transcend to levels I had never even imagined were possible. Competition became a place for me to showcase the fruits of my labor, my personality, my love for this lifestyle, and a place for me to attain a sense of accomplishment for all that I have done.

Thank you to all of my friends who looked upon me with skepticism at first when I told them I was going to be competing in bodybuilding, but supported and cheered for me unconditionally regardless. To my brother & sister, for putting up with my mood swings, pro-tanning, and constant hogging of the mirrors for posing practice. And of course, my trainers, colleagues and friends: Craig & Julie Bonnett. Words seem so hollow to express the true gratitude I have for the both of you. Craig, for helping me realize that I have been living the bodybuilding life all this time but never knew it, and convincing me to compete. Julie, for always being there for a kind word, friendly reassurance, and being the true brains behind the operation. Without you both, I would definitely not be where I am, or who I am today. Thank you both!

“Fall down nine times, but raise again ten times.”
- Bruce Lee

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