Joelle Murphy

WBFF Pro Fitness Model

Location: La Salle, Manitoba, Canada


Birthdate: December 29

“Success if the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.”

Joelle Murphy stole the show in the Diva Fitness Model category at the WBFF Quebec Championships on April 30, 2011, earning her Pro Status with Paul Dillett's WBFF on her first attempt! At the age of 19, Joelle survived a major car accident which left her in a coma, however after 6 months of intense therapy, she regained her strength and mobility and began weight training, competing in her first fitness event in 2006. She is now happily married and runs a successful business, Joelle's Esthetics & Spa, in La Salle, Manitoba. Joelle thanks her husband Jason, trainers Craig & Jewels from and friends & family who keep her on track, adding, "The WBFF is such an amazing organization, and I am so proud to say that I am part of that Family and look forward to competing again at the Worlds this August!"

Recent Contest History

  • 1st Place Fitness Short Class Champion, WBFF Quebec Championships, April 2011
  • 4th in WBFF Quebec Diva Bikini Model 2011
  • 3rd in Bikini MABBA 2011
  • 6th Bikini America Las Vegas 2008
  • 5th in Fitness America Las Vegas 2008
  • 3rd in Fame Bikini Model 2007
  • 2nd in my 2nd Fame Show Fitness Model 2007
  • 1st in my First Fame Show Fitness Model 2007
  • 14th in Figure Nationals CBBF 2006
  • 3rd in Figure MABBA 2006

“Beauty Hurts!”

Fav Supplements: Magnum

Special Thanks: I would like to thank my trainers Craig and Julie Bonnett at for helping me achieve my goals and live them. I would also like to thank my Family and Friends for all there support. Training for competitions takes a lot of hard work and dedication, and without there support I couldn't have done it. Thank you to Pink Elephant Photography for the time they have given me to get me a portfolio. They take amazing pictures. Lastly, I would like to thank my loving, caring, understanding, supportive husband Jason for everything he does for me. He is truly amazing!

“After several years of working with different trainers, I realized that my best decision was to work with Craig & Julie Bonnett at! Craig & Jewels helped me change my body to win my Pro Card at my first WBFF show! I've competed at various competitions and could never get it right! Craig's expertise on nutrition and training has gotten me where I am now! I plan to continuously train with - Thanks for being such a great trainers!”
- Joelle Murphy | Premier Physique Consulting & Personal Training