Davis Gilbert

2012 Jr Mr. Manitoba

Location: Winnipeg


Birthdate: November 12

“Good luck is the result of hard work and preparation”

Davis has always grown up playing sports, the main two being hockey and football. He got into bodybuilding through football. Davis started lifting weights to improve for football but found his true passion was with the weights. After highschool Davis went down to the States to play hockey at university but ended up not playing hockey and thats where my bodybuilding journey started.

Recent Contest History

  • 1st Junior's - Title of Jr. Mr. Manitoba 2012
  • 2nd Light-Middleweights

Testimonial: I could not have competed without the help of Craig as my trainer. He took
everything to the next level, training, diet, and the weekly posing classes really helped.
Craig has taught me more about bodybuilding in the year I've known him than I could have taught myself in many years.
I look forward to continue competing with the help of Craig and in the future!

Special Thanks: Big thanks to my parents as they have supported me in every way possible, whether it be food, supplements, putting up with diet mood-swings, and of course cheering me on. Another big thanks to Craig and as I could not have done this without them and I'm glad I found out about them when I did.

“"When you get big enough.. I'll let you know! | Premier Physique Consulting & Personal Training