Christina Krahn

2008 MABBA Novice Figure
Tall Champion

Location: Winnipeg


Birthdate: March 24

“I never expect to lose. Even when I'm the underdog, I still prepare a victory speech.”
- H. Jackson Browne

Christina Krahn, an Investment Manager working out of Winnipeg, Manitoba takes on a new lifestyle of fitness, competing, and modelling.

Christina has always been relatively athletic with an avid interest in figure/bodybuilding. With lukewarm knowledge on proper nutrition, or how to take her workouts to the next level, she set her sights on her first Figure Competition and gave herself 10-months to prepare. Hiring a personal trainer, Christina worked out regularly and watched what she ate. After 5 months, she saw little results and felt defeated in her quest to compete. It was then she happened to stumble across's website and immediately contacted them. After her first consultation and body composite, Christina felt she was likely going to have to put off her first show for another year; she simply had too much work to do. Craig and Julie thought otherwise, and the training soon began. Convinced to compete in MABBA's Novice 2008 show, Christina now only had 4 months to prepare. Daily workouts with Craig, strict dieting and many hours of cardio later, Christina soared above and beyond her expectations having lost 16% body fat in under 16 weeks. Going into the competition, Christina's goal was to make it into the Top 5. She far surpassed that by winning First Place. The journey to fitness competing has been an incredible one, and Christina looks forward to competing Nationally in the years to come.

Recent Contest History

  • 2008 MABBA Novice Figure Tall Class Champion

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“You have to do what others won't, to achieve what others don't.”
- Unknown | Premier Physique Consulting & Personal Training