Bonnie Wiebe

2008 FAME Pro Bikini Model

Location: Winnipeg


Birthdate: June 19

“Everything in moderation, INCLUDING moderation!”
- Steiman, Harvey

There cannot be a single person who doesn't love Bonnie! This full-time student and part-time waitress is 100% dedicated to living life to the fullest, including ensuring her body is fit enough to keep up! She enjoys incorporating a wide variety of activities into her training, such as aerobics, yoga and weightlifting.

Her outlook on training for figure and fitness modelling competitions is refreshing - she just wants to challenge herself, have fun and see where the experience takes her. Don't be mislead, however - Bonnie is dedicated to dieting and training properly, but she has found a happy medium that fits her lifestyle.

Bonnie has realized great success to date with her competitive ventures, including winning Pro Bikini Model Status in May 2008. Better keep an eye out for this one-of-a-kind personality in the fitness industry!

Recent Contest History

  • 2008 FAME Pro Bikini Model
  • 2007 4th Place MABBA Provincials, Tall Class
  • 2007 5th Place MABBA Novice, Tall Class | Premier Physique Consulting & Personal Training