ContestPrep.com Training Program
Going Solo One-Time Program

Are you self-motivated, but seeking advice to kick-start your transformation? The ContestPrep.com consultants have worked with thousands of clients at all fitness levels and would love to set you up with our ContestPrep.com Going Solo One-Time Training Program! Visit our Success Stories to be inspired by some of our amazing ContestPrep.com clients - your goals are within reach!

We will assess your current physique, discuss your goals and provide you a personalized plan of your choice to get results. We train a variety of clients, which include marathon runners striving to cut a few seconds on their time, bodybuilders needing to cut down before contest season, and new moms hoping to lose the baby-weight. After your initial assessment, you will receive a targetedone-time program whichoutlines your nutritional guideand/or exercise regimen. Proper diet is crucial to change your body, and ContestPrep.com trainers will give you an honest nutrition plan that will aggressively assist you in reaching your target body. Don’t accept training plateaus & blast through them by purchasing a workout program from the Pros! Learn the dieting tips & training secrets that earned Craig & Julie Bonnett their high status in the fitness industry!

Thousands of clients have enjoyed amazing results with ContestPrep.com! We invite you to be inspired by our incredible ContestPrep.com Transformations! The before/after client photos prove that only you stand in your way & believe in yourself, invest in your health and become one of our Success Stories by starting now with ContestPrep.com!