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ContestPrep.com continues to create Champions through industry-leading techniques and programs! As the premier fitness consulting agency, you can trust that the ContestPrep.com consultants possess the experience and professionalism to help you peak perfectly for your upcoming bodybuilding, figure, fitness, physique or bikini modeling competition. They have successfully brought well over 200 competitors to the stage since 2006, many of whom placed first! ContestPrep.com is incredibly proud of their winning athletes. Check out the ContestPrep.com Champions feature page!

There are many variables to consider in preparing yourself for a contest. Proper guidance can be the key to making your competition a rewarding experience. Top pros Craig Bonnett (2009 WBFF Pro Bodybuilding World Champ Runner-up and Mr Manitoba) and Julie Bonnett (2010 WBFF Pro Fitness Model World Champ Runner-up and Ms Fitness Manitoba) have teamed up to offer their combined knowledge and first-hand successful contest approach to up-and-coming competitors. ContestPrep.com has developed a complete package that covers all aspects required to enter an amateur or professional competition. Below is a broad overview:

Initial Assessment

This is an informative session beneficial to both you and your trainers. We will discuss your personal goals and realistic expectations. Knowledge of your lifestyle and any relevant medical history will also aid us in customizing your program. An overall body evaluation (including bodyfat percentage, weight, measurements and pictures) will be recorded. At this time, we can book future assessments and begin with your contest preparation.


Body evaluation and pictures will be used to monitor your progress as the contest approaches, as often as every two weeks. Your diet and workouts will be adjusted accordingly.

Diet/Supplement Plan

Based on your re-assessment results, we will provide you with a nutrition guide that is custom-tailored to your individual needs and schedule. This meal plan is detailed to include the caloric intake and macronutrient breakdowns so our clients better understand their personalized program. Our goal is not only to help you dial in for your competition, but to also teach you how to build muscle, maintain ideal weight or lose bodyfat through proper dieting for the future.

Workout/Cardio Plan

A training plan will be developed according to your individual strengths and weaknesses, which will create a symmetrical, balanced, contest-ready physique. We keep up to date on the latest information in the fitness industry, however also stay true to tried-and-tested exercises proven to get results.

Posing Clinics

Many competitors underestimate the importance of posing and stage presence. Learning first-hand from experienced competitors will give you the inside edge on what the judges are looking for in terms of your posing and stage presence. As your contest nears, we host regular posing clinics, which are free for our ContestPrep.com Contest PrepPackage clients. Drop-in rates are available for all other competitors. Bodybuilders will receive instruction outlining mandatory and relaxed poses. Figure, fitness or modeling competitors will concentrate on t-walks, quarter or half turns and overall stage etiquette. We want our ContestPrep.com clients to walk onstage with confidence and previous group posing experience. Posing amongst four to five individuals replicates a contest setting; you won’t get that at home in your bathroom mirror! We also offer individual one-on-one sessions at competitive rates.

Our remote clients can also benefit from this posing instruction. We will discuss the options individually or see our Skype Assessment information.

Routine Development & Music Splicing

ContestPrep.com also offer contest prep additional. You can receive private assistance in developing a bodybuilding posing routine or fitness/bikini modeling strut that showcases your personality and strengths. Also available is customized, professionally prepared posing music. Work with your ContestPrep.com trainers to find poses, transitions and music to compliment your physique! Check out the video below & Craig Bonnett’s ContestPrep.com client & junior bodybuilding competitor Steve Moerman captured the award for Best Poser at the 2007 MABBA Novice!

All competitors are welcomed to take advantage of these ContrestPrep.com services by contacting us to book private sessions at competitive rates. During these one-on-one sessions, fitness, figure and modeling competitors will learn the quarter or half turns, overall stage etiquette and, most importantly, enjoy the individual attention you will receive outlining how to pose to best showcase your strengths and downplay weakness in your physique. Bodybuilders will learn the mandatory’s, posing set-ups, variations on poses and overall stage presence. Get an expert eye on what poses look good on you and how to modify poses to suit your body.

One Week Out Plan

This is a crucial time before a contest – you can make or break your show during this week. Craig Bonnett is a true conditioning specialist who has all the answers to come in at your very best. A proper nutrition and water manipulation guide will allow you to peak on contest day. Sodium loading/depleting, carb loading/depleting, and other essential pre-contest techniques will be covered. Trust the professionals who understand the process and can help you with any problems along the way!